Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent Review

Buying a tent that will keep you and your family comfortable and safe from the weather elements is extremely important when you are in the market for a camping tent. These days, tents are available in different types and sizes. Some are large enough to accommodate up to eight people while others are designed to suit a couple. A good example of a large tent is the Coleman Montana 8-Person, a tent that can house eight people at the same time. Let’s find out why buying the Coleman Montana 8-Person is a great idea.

Features of Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent

With its 16×7 ft and 74-inch head-on center height, the Coleman Montana 8-Person is large enough to house eight people with enough free space for easy movement. This is the perfect tent for a large family that loves camping. It is convenient and comfortable for all users so if you are planning to go camping as a group, this is the perfect tent for you.

  • Modified Dome Structure:

The dome structure of the Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent has been modified and revised so as to make it easy and convenient to set it up and stay in it. The modified structure includes the addition of reverse-angle windows and electrical access ports. Another import addition is the modern hinged door, which makes it easy to get in and out of the tent. With additional features such as shock-corded poles, pole sleeves, Insta-Clip attachments and ring design, the whole setup process is usually fast and easy.

  • Fiberglass Poles:

Camping tents should be properly placed and the poles should be strong and sturdy enough to withstand extreme weather conditions outside, particularly strong winds. The most important thing is that this tent comes with fiberglass poles for enhanced strength and stability. The interior gear pocket helps you to keep your things organized, taking the whole camping experience closer to the average home.

  • Vented Air Port & Privacy Vent Window:

Some tents are highly inconvenient because they lack proper ventilation. Fortunately, the Montana 8 comes with a vented airport and a privacy vent window, which ensures there is reasonable airflow inside. This results in a cooler feeling inside.


  •  Reasonably priced: it is one of the best-priced family camping tents available out there.
  • Features a rain fly for covering the entire tent along with the external area of the door providing extra space for up to three chairs
  • Hinged door for easy entry and exit
  • An electrical access port for running a cord from your mobile device
  • Quality floor design
  • Enough headroom


  •  The tent is 16 ft long and 7 ft wide. The 7 ft width is quite small for a queen-sized mattress.
  • The interior is sometimes hot if the rain fly is left on.


If you are looking for a great tent for camping tours and family outings, look no further than the Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent. This tent comes with all the ideal features that you would like when it comes to enjoying an exciting camping experience with friends, family or colleagues. For its reasonably low price, this is a very good value for your money. It is a great way to ensure everyone you are with is comfortable and safe when outside.






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